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An ideal location for your data center in East Asia

Energy Cost Reduction Using Cool Climate and Snow


Presence of Competitor

About Sakura Internet Inc.

Foundation August, 1999
Capital Stock 20.5 million USD
Employee 500 people
Sales 120 million USD

Sakura’s Data Centre

Total Land 51,448m2
Total Floor 11,392m2
Number of Rack 1,000
Electric Power 60,000V
Sakura Internet

CEO Message

Sakura CEO Message

Securement of a Large Piece of Land at a Low Cost

Securement of a Large Piece of Land at a Low Cost

Skilled Workforce Availability

Location of universities, related to IT/Electronics/machiner

Low Risk for Natural Disasters

Slightly more than 70% of Tokyo
Slightly more than 60% of Osaka
Slightly less than 50% of Fukuoka

Annual Average Number of Days on Which Lightning Occurred

Slightly less than 50% in Tokyo, and less than 1% in Sapporo.
Assuming that disasters will not occur simultaneously in Hokkaido and Tokyo.

Probability of an Earthquake with an Intensity of at least 6 Lower

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